Gossip Roundup: The Fabulous Ann Coulter

Page Six: Ann Coulter releases DVD: "Learn about her childhood in—and flight from—the suburbs; hear Ann talk about how her mother still sends her Easter baskets every year; find out about Ann's passion for such rock bands as the Grateful Dead and the Ramones. . ." We hope there's a big techno-tracked segment on what it's like being queen of the faghags, too! [NYP]

Washington Whispers: Sen. Nelson demands Bush choose manlier nickname. . . Dole needed 22-day hospital stay after fall. . . Luntz says Brian Williams is "go-to network anchor" with "lack of detectable ideological bias.". . . Lockhart to do TV?. . . No Bush in '08, says Jeb. . . Dean admires Gingrich, Reed. . . Miss Beazley freed from caged life. [USN&WR]

Rush & Molloy: Former Senator Bob Kerrey, at Michael's in New York, doesn't wash his hands after using restroom. [NYDN]

Inside the Beltway: Fran Drescher, Joey Pantoliano, Daphne Zuniga will attend Washington Press Club Foundation's Congressional Dinner. Could the names be any bolder? [WT]


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