Gossip Roundup: The Mitchell Report

Under the Dome: Associate Senate Historian Donald Ritchie vindicated after predicting Deep Throat was high-ranking official at FBI. . . Jessica Cutler's novel released today; book reading next Wednesday. . . Jimmy Carter, Bono, Ricky Martin celebrate CNN's 25th anniversary. [The Hill]

Names & Faces:Chuck Conconi retiring as editor-at-large from Washingtonian. [WP]

Rush & Molloy:Giuliani quietly purchased Palm Beach condo last year. [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Kimberly Guilfoyle reportedly involved with Bill Hemmer. . . Limbaugh interested in showing Sharpton the ropes of radio. [NYDN]

Page Six:Guilfoyle already grumbling about Hemmer's schedule. [NYP]

Cindy Adams:Andrea Mitchell's autobiography will be out in September. [NYP]


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