Gossip Roundup: The Press Are 'Scum of the Earth'

Heard on the Hill: Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt says dealing with reporters is "horrifying, gritty experience," refers to press as "the scum of the earth.". . . Protester calls Gary Bauer a "fascist." He responds, "Fuck you." [Roll Call]

Pink Elephants:Barbara Bush found her granddaughters' speech hilarious: "I didn't get some of it, obviously.". . . Thousands attend the Distilled Spirits Council party into the morning. . . Bloomberg on the detainee center for protesters: "I don't know if fun's the right word but we even serve soy sandwiches for vegetarians." [NYT]

Boldface Names: Reporter hits rock bottom, boldfaces Franken's wife, Franni. [NYT]

Page Six: RNC bans "Daily Show" magnetic poetry kit. . . Coulter, Grove, Liddy, Watts, Safire, Owens mingle at Gotham Hall. . . John Waters hopes watching "Hairspray" will change Bush's view of gay marriage. . . Gay-hating Santorum, Bono bond to fight AIDS. . . Jesse Jackson asks atheists to pray. [NYP, NYP, NYP, NYP, NYP]

Cindy Adams:Schwarzenegger used his own makeup person and hair stylist. . . [NYP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Brazile on the twins: "Experience matters for both the children and the so-called adults.". . . Rove mobbed by "fawning" women. . . Jenna partied late after her debut. [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Rove's reported response to the twins: "Whoever approved this, I'm going to put on a slow boat to China.". . . Fleischer denies requesting a body guard. [NYDN]

Reliable Source: Student who yelled at Cheney released on $50,000 bail. . . Page Six vs. NY Daily News nightclub catfight recycled from another reliable source. [WP]

Under the Dome: Lobbyist bets $100 woman is not Jenna Bush; she tells him otherwise. . . Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) tells interviewer about "erectile dysfunction" and the need to "get it up" to vote. . . Frank Luntz saved by MSNBC logo. For the first time, it impresses someone. [The Hill]

Inside Politics:Soros, Hastert become pen pals. [WT]


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