Gossip Roundup: The Public Is Sickened Edition

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Alexandra Polier writing "epic essay" for New York about life in the eye of a media storm; magazine pays $10,000. . . Before Wentworth, Stephanopoulos answered Lucy Grealy's personal ad. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:McCain: "This Abu Ghraib prison torture at the hands of our military follows the route of classic scandal. A little horror comes out and the public is sickened. A little more horror leaks out and we're sickened further. I've argued we first must allow everything . . . everything . . . to come out before we make moves. We have to let it play out to the fullest before we take any action. It's premature to just argue louder for Rumsfeld's head. He enjoys the president's confidence." He added, "But I agree this is one of the toughest times I've ever been through." [NYP]

Boldface Names:Russert to guest at his book party: "I saw you pontificating the other night somewhere on some channel. C-SPAN, maybe?" Weinstein, Lauer, Couric, Roker, M. Orth, C. Rose, B. Williams, T. Brown, H. Evans, M. Cuomo, Welch, Povich, and Chung were in attendance. [NYT]


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