Gossip Roundup: There Is Other News Out There, Sorta

Reliable Source: Director, Rock the Vote: "Nobody wants to throw a party for a bunch of losers.". . . Turn your "Kerry Edwards/A Stronger America/JohnKerry.com" bumper sticker into "darK dry sEwer/Error Gets a Maniac/hornyJerK.com." [WP]

The Scoop:Kitty Kelley writes to Sharon Bush: "[A]llow me to remind you that it was your intention to leak our lunch to The New York Observer so that you could 'pressure' the Bushes into giving you a better alimony settlement because you knew they did not want you speaking to me." [MSNBC]

Page Six:Wentworth, Stephanopoulos expecting their second child. [NYP]

Cindy Adams: on the advance tour of the Clinton library. [NYP]


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