Gossip Roundup: Thursday with Tina Edition

Names: Tina Brown honors Hillary with guests Kevin Bacon, Larry David, Moseley-Braun, Gray Davis, Michael Moore, Bob Wright, McGovern. . . Creative Coalition party at Louis Boston includes Bianca Jagger, Alyssa Milano, Billy Baldwin, Alan Cumming. . . Celebrities bypass Logan Airport. . . Gore daughters toast Kerry daughters, Cate Edwards as Affleck, Andre 3000 look on. . . GQ parties for Newsom, with Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, Cusack, Ted Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo, Cooper, McLaughlin, McAuliffe, Huffington, Cindy Adams, Alan Cumming, Vanessa, Alexandra, Cate, and Gore's daughters. . . Clark seen dining. . . Alex Baldwin on the T. [BG]

Reliable Source: Breaux dances to Ziggy Marley. . . P. Diddy, Billy Crystal, Minnie Driver, Ellen Burstyn, Rachael Leigh Cook, Willie Nelson, Alfre Woodard also at Creative Coalition bash. . . Moore skips Crawford screening. [WP]

Under the Dome: Coleman: "Michael Moore sits with Jimmy Carter in the presidential box. Is that the foreign policy that is going to come out of this convention?". . . Gillespie woken by prank callers. . . Stiller turned away from DSCC/DCCC party. . . Christian Science Monitor hosts Obama, Shrum, Vanessa, Alexandra [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Nader shunned in Boston. Asked Moore, "Are you crazy? Are you nuts?". . . Hastert living it up in Boston. . . Lautenberg stiffs cabbie. [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway: Rep. Davis III (R-Virginia): "The fact is, I don't care if it's Sandy Berger or Warren Burger or Veggie Burger who walked off with 'code word' documents. It's the walking off -- the consequences of it, the fact that it could happen -- that concerns the committee." [WT]

Rush & Molloy: Affleck loosely tied to Vanessa; they kissed. Said Affleck, "It's difficult. I meet people, but I feel like I'm this walking nightmare. You get photographed with me once at a baseball game, and The Enquirer will find out every dirty little thing that ever happened in your family's history. . . Who wants that? If I saw me, I would turn the other way. I'm trying to diminish it so that someone might actually be interested in dating me.". . . Alexandra kissed Cusack. . . Gillespie gives Weinstein anti-Kerry documentary. [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Hillary at Tina Brown's party: "The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats like to fall in love and Republicans just fall in line." [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Reporting from Boston. . . Arnold may not run for reelection. [NYP]

Page Six: Alan Cumming to O'Reilly: "You're insane!" [NYP]

The Scoop: Vanessa, Alex pick their own outfits for magazine spread. [MSNBC]

Fox 411: Chris Heinz's elevator drops 18 inches. . . Chris Matthews, Harold Evans, Ickes, Caputo, Estrich, Joe Klein, vanden Heuvel, Wenner also at Tina Brown's party. [Fox News]


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