Gossip Roundup: Tote a Dog Edition

Inside the Beltway: Bush bus hit with bottle thrown by Kerry supporters. . . Hillary's online statement about KE04 unlawful, since removed. [WT]

Rush & Molloy: Steve Earle sings about Condi: "You be the flower and I'll be the bumblebee / Oh she loves me; oops, she loves me not / People say you're cold, but I think you're hot / They say you're too uptight, I say you're not / Dance around me spinnin' like a top / Oh, Condi, Condi, don't ever stop". . . Affleck turned down a film to help Kerry. . . New York Post refused to provide infamous cover to Gephardt. . . Hillary, along with 50 Cent, scores tickets to final weekend of "Raisin in the Sun." [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Kerry told to tote a dog. [NYP]


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