Gossip Roundup: VD For DC

Washington Whispers: Former cornflake mogul Gutierrez and Bush get buddy-buddy. . . Kerry thinks he has the '08 nomination locked up. . . Strategist: "Senators want [blogs] even though they don't know what they are". . . Arkansas Governor Huckabee the next Clinton? [USN&WR]

Out & About: CBS's Bob Schieffer: "I am a romantic -- I'm a hopeless romantic." [WP]

Rush & Molloy: Karl Rove is a Harold Evans fan. [NYDN]

The Scoop: Kitty Kelley fears she's banned from "Larry King Live" because of book on Bush. Yes, yes, we know: Kitty's been banned from everything. Let's move on. [MSNBC]


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