Gossip Roundup: We Take It Back

· Inside the Beltway (unclear on the concept of a gossip column) reports that George W. is a total goody-two-shoes. [WT]

·Clinton stays in presidential suite. Drew Barrymore not really a Clark supporter (still a slutty blonde). [Page Six in NYP and NYP]

·Edwards parts his hair on the right and therefore can't get elected. (It's as good an excuse as any.) Jackie O. "declined an activity if it was boring." [Cindy in NYP]

·Peggy Noonan interviews Mel Gibson for Reader's Digest. Noonan gets a history lesson: "The Holocaust happened, right?" [Liz in NYP]

·Lloyd Grove is a part of the "Facist [sic -- for once the misspelling is not ours] Right Wing lie machine" and "Upper Class Twit of the Year," according to readers outraged by his Kerry Botox story. [NYDN]


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