Gossip Roundup: Welcome, Monkeyfishermen Edition

Inside the Beltway: Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) can count: "I would like to ask everybody in the House to get a pencil and paper and take down this number. Ready. Here it is. One, one, two, nine, two, five. . . Now, here is another number -- six, seven, six." The first is the average tax cut for millionaires, the second is for the average American.


The Scoop: At least three members of Skull &Bones bunked with Bush at the White House; Bush's frat brother, who described the group as "the hardest-partying, baddest-boy, most athlete-venerating of the campus fraternities," also slept over. [MSNBC]

Rush &Molloy: For a $1,000 donation to Joe Driscoll, who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania, you too can can own a Florida "butterfly ballot" machine from Andre Balazs, hotelier. Bobby Kennedy Jr. got one for his 50th. [NYDN]

Page Six: Former Mayor David Dinkins and Roger Ailes greet Chelsea Clinton in the Four Seasons Grill Room. [NYP]


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