Gossip Roundup: We're Starting to Feel Really Lucky Edition

Heard on the Hill:McDermott under fire for skipping "under God." Sessions says McDermott is "embarrassing the House and disparaging the majority of Americans who share the values expressed in the pledge." Kirk: "In his version, he left out the words �under God.� He may not love the words �under God� in our country�s pledge, but God still loves him.". . . Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and wife Rhoda produce triplets. . . Frist runs his voice out. . . Anthony Shadid to get first Annual Michael Kelly Award. [Roll Call]

Under the Dome:Sen. Wyden on Internet tax ban: "I would be the first to say that this subject inherently is about as interesting as prolonged root-canal work.". . . Cameraman to Rep. Hayworth (R-Ariz.) when snapping him on a Humvee: "Of this guy who never served a day in the service? Yeah, I got it.". . . Filet mignon and tilapia at the WHCA dinner; 540 people were rejected due to overbooking. . . Cummings on Gingrich: "No, we really don�'t miss him because we have so many others. We never have a loss of folks to punch, so we don�t miss him at all." [The Hill]

Inside the Beltway: eBay goes all out for Kerry bobbleheards and dartboards. . . Roy Blunt on Kerrey's "Daily Show" performance: "This is not a laughing matter. Just two days before the 9/11 commission is scheduled to question the president of the United States about intelligence failures that precipitated the loss of more than 3,000 Americans, Senator Bob Kerrey asked a comedian for pointers." [WT]

Reliable Source: More names for WHCA Dinner: Hilary Duff, Clooney, Gisele Bundchen and Mary-Louise Parker. . . Wilson points finger at Lewis "Scooter" Libby for revealing Plame's name. . . [WP]

Cindy Adams:Hillary on economic policy: "Hard to get tough with China when we're borrowing from them every month to pay down our debt service." [NYP]

Page Six:Gore environmental speech to coincide with new disaster film. Terry Holt: "It's typical of Al Gore to not be able to separate fact from fiction. I think Gore's attempt at political mischief-making is just an attempt to get attention for himself. People know what they're watching is entertainment, and not grounded in basic scientific fact." [NYP]


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