Gossip Roundup: What, NYer Writers Support Kerry!?!

Names & Faces: Lauren Bush: "I'm not very political. I'm not here to make some huge political stance. And neither are [Jenna, Barbara]". . . RNC solicits Dean while Kerry solicits RNC. . . Edwards on Elizabeth as recovering attorney: "I don't agree with that. She hasn't completely recovered. She argues with me regularly." [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Russell Simmons secures permit to protest near MSG against Rockefeller drug laws with P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, Mariah Carey. Says Simmons, "I spent $600,000 on lawyers to fight this, so please make it clear that I'm not lobbying anybody, I'm just giving my opinion as an American citizen.". . . Newsweek's Boston party doesn't exist [Oh, "somehow" word got out. . . -- Ed.]. . . Air America read "My Pet Goat" this morning. [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy: Group to protest Jenna's career move to Harlem: "We don't think she is of a high enough moral character to teach school, considering her past adventures. Her taking this job is keeping a black person from getting the job. We think she and her sister should enlist in the military.". . . Dean denies plan to work with Moore. [NYDN]

Liz Smith: Streep modeled character after Hughes, Noonan. [NYP]

Page Six: Many "New Yorker" writers support Kerry. [NYP]

Fox 411: Affleck addresses convention-goers on Tuesday. [Fox News]


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