Gossip Roundup: Won't See Me Edition

Washington Whispers: Bush pushes his exercise pals to their limits. . . Clinton, meanwhile, feels "terrible" and "exhausted". . . Commerce Secretary Gutierrez: "I realized that if I talk about the currency, somebody from Treasury will just appear right in this room, take me away, and you won't see me.". . . McCain had a different General in mind for chairman of the Joint Chiefs. . . And more speculation about Jeb versus Hillary. [USN&WR]

Cindy Adams: Report from Laura's pal: "She's a natural introvert. She prefers quiet company. I was over one Saturday. We worked out, showered, dressed, had a latte. We then sat in the living room. She was working. I was reading. We were quietly sitting, just being together. The president came in and said, 'Aren't you all going to talk? You haven't said one word to each other.'" [NYP]


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