Gossip Roundup: Yes, OK, It's Been a Busy Day, Lay Off Edition

· Reliable Source with the latest Bushism, James Brown's female troubles (with irony!); did we mention that Janet Jackson's tit was on TV? [WP]

·Powell's trip to Georgia (the country); D.C. Board of Education and Ethics staffer lied about graduating from college [The Hill]

· Unwelcome airline seatmates; putting the "W" in AWOL: "I look forward to that debate, when John Kerry, a war hero with a chest full of medals, is standing next to George Bush, a man who was AWOL," say DNC chair McAuliffe. [Roll Call]

· GOP se habla español: Asks congressmen to "consider hiring a Spanish-speaking staffer" in the district office who can "maintain a Hispanic voter-contact database and reach out to Hispanic organizations." [WT]

· DId the liberal media elite turn Al Gore III to a life of crime? [NYP]

·Gray Davis will play himself on an episode of "Yes, Dear.” (Oh, get lobbyist job already!) [NYP]

· Liz Smith gets accused of being part of the liberal media elite: "She notes I entered First Lady Laura Bush's name last in the list and said, 'This proves your bias!'" [NYP]

·Cheney still dogged by "canned hunt" pheasant shoot. [NYDN]


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