Gossip Roundup: You Cannot Escape Condi Edition

Reliable Source: Open casting, today and tomorrow, for upcoming D.C. play; full nudity required. . . Omarosa was "banished" from four government jobs and was extremely "disruptive," according to People. [WP]

Heard on the Hill: Lobbyist Tony Podesta to host a wine-tasting fundraiser for Kerry. "I think you�ll agree that we could all use a glass of wine to take the edge off of this Administration," he says. . . Senate Dining Room staffers reportedly place bets on which Senators show up first to breakfast. . . Pelosi finds it funny that a woman is cast as Satan in "The Passion". . . A $150,000 presidential inauguration package offered by the Ritz-Carlton includes private jet ride, Louis Vuitton luggage, butlers, tickets to the parade and an official ball, among other amenities; the hotel's Boston location plans to offer Kerry Berry Cobbler and Governor Dean's I Scream Dessert during the convention. [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway: Reminiscing about when Rice was Bush-41's "top Sovietologist". . . 4 of 15 women in one unit serving in Iraq return home after becoming pregnant. . . Ritz-Carlton in Boston will distribute embroidered pillows to convention guests. . . Did Kucinich try to court Hillary? [WT]

The Scoop: Amazon.com reader review of Lynne Cheney's lesbian novel: "Being ruggedly masculine myself, I was touched to see that my mother does in fact understand the latent burning desires in every woman to discard the politically correctness of phallic worship and enjoy the tenderness that only another woman can offer. Makes every woman want to come out of the closet and shout! 4 stars!!" [MSNBC]

Rush & Molloy: Ted Kennedy reads poetry to audience including Caroline Kennedy, Harvey Weinstein, Mike Nichols, Diane Sawyer, Kevin Kline. [NYDN]

Page Six: Wes Clark spotted at the Four Seasons Pool Room with Jim Neal. [NYP]


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