Gossip Roundup: You're Fired Edition

Reliable Source: Cuomo denied opportunity to defend "Fahrenheit 9/11" in front of MPAA board. . . CNN said Rumsfeld authorized "Water boarding" of detainees, then retracts error five times in five hours. . . Figure in My Life disputes Clinton's account. . . Biden imitated Trump in the Oval Office: "I turned to Vice President Cheney, who was there, and I said, 'Mr. Vice President, I wouldn't keep you if it weren't constitutionally required.' I turned back to the president and said, 'Mr. President, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are bright guys, really patriotic, but they've been dead wrong on every major piece of advice they've given you. That's why I'd get rid of them, Mr. President...' They said nothing. Just sat like big old bullfrogs on a log and looked at me." [WP]

Heard on the Hill: Allard supports ban on gay marriage but presents former intern with PFLAG award. . . Full-page ad to "Fight Back Against Liberal �Hand-Wringers of America!'" runs in USAT, communicates outrage over the outrage about prison scandal. [Roll Call]

Rush & Molloy: DraftBruce.com wants Springsteen concert in Giants Stadium the night of Bush's acceptance speech in New York. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Clinton in negotiations for books two and three. [NYP]


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