Gossip Roundup: You've Got to Be Gracious

Reliable Source:Lieberman, Berger, McAuliffe, Hutchinson join Chris Matthews, Jeff Greenfield, Chris Wallace and Wolf Blitzer for pre-inaugural party.


•  Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:  Shrum reflects: "How am I feeling? Disappointed... but you've got to be gracious.". . . McAuliffe: "In the spirit of the second Bush administration, we're going to rent 'Titanic.'". .  .Brazile: "By midnight, I will turn over in my bed and pray for the return of the Democratic Party."  [NYDN]

•  Rush & Molloy:  Macy Gray, Joe Pantoliano and Dennis Hopper on board for Creative Coalitions 's inaugural bash.  [NYDN]

•  Cindy Adams:  Rove absent from MLK dinner. . . Ted Kennedy dines with the VandenHeuvels.  [NYP]

•  Liz Smith:  Clinton to head UN?  [NYP]

•  Page Six:  Brazile, DeeDee Myers, Hilary Rosen, Matalin attend "ladies' lunch."  [NYP]

•  The Scoop:  Reverend Sun Myung Moon donates $250,000 to inaugural fund, perhaps hoping for a pardon.  [MSNBC]


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