Got My Gat and Your Lacy Underthings

We love the culture war! Someone is apparently very mad that the Dems' party at Dream was to feature Outkast. You know, "gun-toting representative[s] of the gangsta culture" who rap about Polaroid pictures.

Well, he's actually under the impression that Outkast played at the party -- they cancelled at the last minute -- but who cares, there's a racial stereotype to extrapolate from! We personally were unaware that Outkast could really be considered "gangsta" (imagine how upset 50 Cent will be), but according to Farah, all you need are "profanity-laced songs with titles such as 'Where are My Panties?', 'She Lives in My Lap' and 'Vibrate.'"

Everyone knows how closely panty raids are associated with gangsta culture.

Dems embrace gangsta culture []


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