Governing Iraq: The Daddy Approach

Apparently, the problem in Iraq is that we're not spanking them. This, according to Lieutenant Colonel Dave Bellon who told the Boston Globe that until recently, the military had been handling Iraq too, uhm, gently: 'What are your needs? What are your emotional needs?' All this Oprah [stuff]." Yeah, you guys run a puppet government like a girl! What are you, in the State Department or something?

Bellon says he knows how it should be done: "You have to say, 'Here are the rules,' and you are firm and fair. That radiates stability." Yeah! Rules! Those Iraqis just need some discipline! Should clear up the car bombs no problem. You know, we could swear that someone else had this same approach to running Iraq until very recently... Wonder where he is now....

Returning Fallujans will face clampdown [BG]


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