Government Causes Bizarre Space-Time Continuum Chaos

America has finally learned the steep price it must pay for handing over so much control to the Robots. In the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, hundreds of millions of electronic clocks, cell phones, parking meters, microwaves, video games, air conditioner thermostats, digital cameras, remote-controlled vibrators and nuclear devices automatically switched to "Daylight Savings Time," even though Congress wantonly switched the "fall back" date to next Sunday in some otherwise unrelated pile of legislation passed in 2005 -- and no-one alive today will ever forget the tragic consequences.

Let's see, some Windows users had to "download a patch" in order to update the daylight-savings thing, and ... oh, some parking meters in Baltimore screwed up, somehow. Innocent people maybe got a ticket! But that happened on a Sunday, when most parking meters aren't in use, anyway. But if you got a ticket because of the Time Shift Disaster, you can get it "fixed."

Daylight Savings Time is some scam invented by bureaucrats long ago during a war. It has never been anything but a national annoyance. Some states, such as Arizona and Saskatchewan, refuse to take part in the stupid habit.

Surprise! Daylight Saving Pushed Back One Week by 2005 Energy Conservation Act [FoxNews]


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