Government Shutdown Leaves Sad Klansmen Unable To Desecrate Gettysburg Battlefield


Here's your government shutdown feel-good-ish story for the day: thanks to the shutdown, a KKK rally planned for Saturday at the Gettysburg National Military Park has been cancelled. APhiladelphia TV station reports that when the shutdown began, the park rescinded all permits for special events; among the events cancelled was a Saturday march by the "Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan."

We're not sure it balances out the cancellation of Head Start programs that were already delayed by the sequester, or the suspension of new clinical trials at the National Institutes of Health, but it's something, we suppose.

It is unknown whether any helpful members of Congress will show up Saturday to let the Klansmen in.

[NBC10 via HuffPo]

Doktor Zoom

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