Governor Palin Staying Home And Washing Hair

  • Word has it that the Justice Department will be dropping its case against Ted Stevens -- a case it already won, but which Stevens looked likely to win on appeal. [AP]
  • The dreaded Conficker computer worm appears to have done ... nothing, even though it is April Fool's Day and crazy stuff always happens on this crazy day. [BBC News]
  • Employees at a Caterpillar plant in France facing layoffs kept their bosses locked in the office overnight, and President Sarkozy said "OK then I will try to help you keep your jobs, since you are such valuable workers." [Reuters]
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee said Sarah Palin would deliver the keynote speech at their annual dinner, but then Sarah Palin said that nobody had bothered asking her and she had a scheduling conflict, and so now the NRSC has uninvited her from the dinner. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • The endless Coleman-Franken battle now pivots on 400 absentee ballots, of which Coleman would have to win about 75 percent in order to prevail. [Minnesota Public Radio]
  • The leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan are meeting today in Turkey to discuss security strategies. [Bloomberg]

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