Can I offer you kids some cookies?Senator Mitch McConnell is ruining the reputations of three University of Louisville physicians by providing video evidence that they said nice things about him, once. The victims of McConnell's smear campaign were taped saying things like "I think Senator McConnell is very interested in the health and welfare of the people in the state of Kentucky." And, for a few brief weeks in December and January, McConnell was showing this garbage on the teevee.

Yes, he crapped all over the airwaves with a campaign ad featuring the duped doctors -- nearly a year before the voters get to boot him out of office. The doctors knew when they spoke with interviewers about McConnell's involvement with cancer research that he'd use their testimonials on his Web site, which no one ever reads. However, having being associated with him on television was a whole different deal.

McConnell ads featuring U of L doctors draw fire [Louisville Courier-Journal]


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