'Granny Warrior' Paultards Shot Down by PayPal

grannywarriors.gifThe well-behaved supporters of Dr. President Ron Paul are determined to get a recount in New Hampshire because of Eeyore the Diebold Machine turning all Paul votes into sad, non-existent pandas. A group of them called the "Granny Warriors" -- perhaps a play on "Granite State," although that took several hours to determine and may still be wrong -- raised $55,600 to turn over the NH Secretary of State's office for a recount. But then their PayPal account was MYSTERIOUSLY AND PERHAPS INTENTIONALLY frozen right before the transfer of funds. So the Granny Warriors missed the deadline, and now there's no recount! Internet to explode in 3... 2... 1...

The deadline was 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, until the digital corporates reared their vile un-Free heads:

I am informed directly by the Granny Warriors that PayPal did in fact freeze the funds earmarked for the Recount Fees! So, now you know who to blame for the failure to get a recount of the New Hampshire vote count. PayPal.

The Granny Warrior Paultards are hurriedly looking for the home address of this Mr. "PayPal," and a World of Warcraft-esque reenactment herd shallst smote it verily.

Confirmed: PayPal sabotages New Hampshire vote recount [Ron Paul War Room]


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