Grass on the Hill

From an email supposedly floating around the Hill, regarding that intern busted for having pot in her purse:

this is a funny story I just got wind of....

Ok, so we had a new intern ("C") start today and from the beginning she seemed bit weird - unprofessional, loud, told XXXX she had a "long night" the night fore. She also asked XXXX if he was an intern and said that XXXX was "her kind of guy" - whatever that means. So we have been cracking up about her all morning.

so then, our staff assistant took her over to the Capitol and her purse got searched as it goes when you enter that building. Well, they found a one-hitter in her bag and she got arrested!!!!

It's probably about as true as anything with that many exclamation points can be. Not like you really care -- not with West Virginian realtors to stalk and fonts to investigate -- but we also hear that the One-Hit Wonder Intern worked for Phil English (Penn. - R). We're not thinking there's much of a book deal in this.

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