Great Moments in Campaign Planning

A weekend NYT piece delved into the Kerry campaign's attempts to find a "theme," but found something far more entertaining:

    At a recent meeting of senior staff members, Democrats said, Mr. Kerry's aides became entangled in a lengthy debate over what might seem to be a less than urgent issue: whether they should send a Democratic operative to Bush rallies dressed as Pinocchio, a chicken or a mule, to illustrate various lines of attacks Democrats want to use against Mr. Bush. (They say they want to portray him as a liar, a draft avoider and stubborn.)
Notes a Wonkette correspondent: "This sort of confusion is exactly why the real Mr. Bush has Laura lay out his clothes for him each morning."

But what really struck us about this story was its headline, which confused us just a bit: "Kerry Struggling to Find a Theme, Democrats Fear." We thought "Democrats Fear" was the theme of the Bush campaign.

Kerry Struggling to Find a Theme, Democrats Fear [NYT]


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