Great Satan Visits Bulgaria

'The pious pretense that evil does not exist only makes it vague, enormous and menacing.' - Wonkette

He's still doing it! The devil sign, we mean. And look at the grim-faced Satanic expression that goes with this particular message of love to our Bulgarian friends. It seems we've witnessed that particular chilling glare before, very recently ... oh, right, the bald guy behind Bush is making the same awful face. Who the fuck is that, a resurrected Anton LaVay?

Last we heard, Bulgaria was an Orthodox Christian country, not a devil-worshiping colony. Once again, faulty American intelligence leads to an overseas disaster. In this case, the offending president was flogged and then burned at the stake, the end.

Хеви метъл Буш! [Breathe.Blog.Bulgaria]

Bush Worships Satan {]

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