Great Schism of '07: Late Night Shots Locks Undesirables In Open Forum

Late Night Shots -- the closed social network which allows you to explore Washington DC's social landscape and bar scene -- has been such a success that its leaders are forced to divide the LNS crowd between the super-white cretins and the lesser lights of binge-drinking takedown-impregnating conservative youth forced to live amongst the minorities of DC before going back to San Diego and becoming a defense lobbyist.

Yes, there is a Great Schism. The invitation-only special forum will be seductively open for everyone to read, but only the upper crust will be able to opine on Muslims, morning-after pills and the "Ethiopians" who scurry about Adams Morgan. Everybody else is stuck in the "B Forum." Read the memo, after the jump.

Taking effect at 4:00 today:

LNS has gotten to a point where it has become more difficult to manage due to the rapidly increasing membership, traffic and hijinx. We are also making a number of changes to get other cities ready to go by mid-March. This is good for us, but we have made a change both to help us accommodate this growth and to make the site more enjoyable for our members.

Due to the fact that the new forum has become very difficult to keep up with, we have made a change to the forum structure such that there will be 2 forums in Washington DC - the A forum and the B forum. The A forum will be open to specific members to weave their lyrical prose and to engage in the high-level, intellectual discussions that we all remember fondly. Vocabulary lessons, lectures on morality and that excruciating new term "tucker" will be left to the B forum. While only certain members will be able to post on the new A forum, all will be able to view its contents. The current forum will remain open to all. Members will be added to the A forum periodically. Invitations to participate in the new forum will appear in your notifications box this afternoon.

Another reason for the change is that over the next couple weeks, our article section will be revampled such that users will be able to upload articles of interest - preferably not mainstream news articles but rather ones relating to humor, sports, DC nightlife, and shockingly offensive material, current or not current. Ultimately you can upload whatever you want. These uploaded articles will appear on the new articles page, and they will automatically appear on the "B Forum" for discussion.

If you have questions feel free to email us.


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