Greatest War On Xmas Gift Ever: Dubya 'Naval Aviator' Toy

Learn all about it, plus the usual screwups at the tree-lighting ceremony, after the jump.

It's not too late to get the ultimate War On Christmas gift. Now you or your loved one can also pretend George W. Bush was a Naval Aviator and led the nation to victory in Iraq! (But why no Bill Clinton doll in combat fatigues? Why the racism?)

It's a bargain, too! This unwanted toy has already been marked down $15 -- but we bet it'll be down to $1.99 by Christmas Eve.

Speaking of not knowing anything about the Jesus Story, at the tree-lighting ceremony last night it turns out Bush didmanage to screw something up. Bush has often made the perverse claim that "Jesus Christ came into my heart," but the brain part remains immune. According to the White House transcript, Bush claimed the Baby Jesus was born "2000 years ago." Christians believe the Baby Jesus was born 2006 years ago. But it's better than last year, when Bush admitted his belief that Christmas honors the birth of Santa Claus.

Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush [Sears]

President Bush Attends Lighting of the National Christmas Tree [White House]


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