Green Screen Behind McCain Actually Lawn of, Uh, Middle School In, Uh, North Hollywood


America laughed again last night as a terrible"green screen" once again appeared behind John McCain, during his big speech at the RNC. Well, the "green" was actually the lawn of a school in North Hollywood, California. And the school is called "Walter Reed Middle School." And the random idiot assigned the task of picking John McCain's video background during the biggest speech of his career was apparently told to put a picture of Walter Reed Army Medical Center on the screen, and ineptly googled this utterly random California school picture, instead. And nobody knows what Walter Reed Hospital looks like, anyways, so everybody just assumed it was another one of his mansions. The school is about to release "a statement" damning McCain for inappropriately using the picture of this innocent school. All of this, as Josh Marshall notes, is exactly what happened in the movie Spinal Tap. [Talking Points Memo]


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