Green Shoots (From GM)

  • A Wells Fargo spokesman said that "Banks are not and cannot be the solution to California's budget problems." Indeed, banks have not been the solution to anybody's problems for quite some time! [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Iranian protesters turned out in smaller numbers yesterday commemorating the tenth anniversary of the student uprisings, and police and the paramilitary were once again fairly nasty about crowd control. [CNN]
  • The Fed didn't do such a hot job protecting consumers for many years, so now some people are wondering if some other agency shouldn't take on the job. [Washington Post]
  • GM has emerged from bankruptcy a new, healthy, vibrant, refocused business, as evidenced by their possible switch from a blue logo to a green logo. [Associated Press]
  • President Obama just can't get anything done on healthcare or climate change, summer slump, this guy is a loser, etc. [Reuters]
  • Another study on calorie restriction suggests that reducing one's diet (if one is a monkey) to near-starvation level will increase the quantity, if not the quality, of one's life. [Wall Street Journal]

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