Greenpeace Daredevils Hang Big Beautiful 'RESIST' Banner From Crane Near White House

Would you risk your life to inspire resistance against Donald Trump? The Greenpeace protesters who just scaled a giant crane located near the White House to hang a giant "RESIST" banner sure would. Good golly, look at those crazy motherfudgers dangling like little boogers of justice from the cold steel nose hairs of fascism!

If David Brooks is reading: David! Before you write a new column about how this protest is ineffective because it doesn't address the fractured polity of the globalized liberal ontology, let us explain why this sort of thing is exactly what we need.

Beyond the morale boost for Trump opponents, performing such daring, dangerous acts as this will show Trump et al. that we're willing to risk everything, up to and including our lives, to resist them. A person who will risk their life to fight against you is a dangerous opponent. A million people who will risk their lives to fight against you is an unstoppable force.

One little-discussed yet potent power of the Women's Marches, and indeed all mass demonstrations, is their kinetic potential.

In simpler terms, if 500,000 people wanted to physically invade and occupy the White House and Congress, they could do it. It would be a dangerous act. People would likely die. But no force on earth could stop them in the end.

That should scare Trump and his Congress.

From USAToday:

A police statement on Twitter was more blunt: “While we respect everyone’s right to protest, today’s actions are extremely dangerous and unlawful."

Hell yeah it was!

It seems increasingly likely that civil disobedience is going to be a major part of resisting Trump and his Congress.

DISCLAIMER: Wonkette is not responsible for your righteous ass if you get busted doing something dangerous and unlawful in service of your country. That doesn't mean you shouldn't, though!

And what did the White House see? Oh, just this:

From Greenpeace. FUK YEH!

Finally, let's hope Trump doesn't get any ideas from François Mitterrand.

[ USA Today / Wiki ]


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