Gridiron Flirts with Currency

The Washingtonian teases us with the admission that for the first time in its 120-year history, the Gridiron Club will admit a broadcast journalist. The thinking, Harold Jaffe reports, is that “It has gotten a little passé... The leaders are groping to keep it relevant.” Groping for relevance? You can see how we assumed that the mystery broadcaster would be Bill O'Reilly. But no: It's Tim Russert. We're assured that toying with relevance will not lead admitting "[a]ny bloggers, young journalists, or TV reporters" -- rather, the Gridiron is committed to irrelevance, and just fools around with relevance behind irrelevance's back. That's not to say irrelevance isn't trying. It's dressing up and playing sex games to try and keep the Gridiron faithful. In fact, this year's show will include a "soloist drafted from the Marines and dressed in black leather," singing to the tune of "Rawhide":

“Make it up, get it wrong.

Get it wrong, make it up.

Make it up, get it wrong.

Press corps!”

Maybe they're getting bloggers involved after all.

Russert to Be First Broadcast Journalist Admitted to Gridiron? [Washingtonian]


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