Grifty Tea Party Chick Will Put Ethics Complaint In Harry Reid's Permanent File


For a bunch of gun-toting, Gadsden-flag-waving, Galt-going, war-loving, Arab-bombing, independent, self-made, self-reliant, pull-themselves-up-by-the-bootstraps tough mudders, the Tea Party sure comes off like a bunch of thin-skinned nancy boys much of the time. Case in point: the ethics complaint filed by the Tea Party Patriots against Sen. Harry Reid for the high crime and misdemeanor of grievously wounding the Koch brothers’ fee-fees.

The group filed the complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee (Ethics in the Senate! Stop, you’re killing us!) on Monday. As of Tuesday, there is no word on whether Reid is still laughing uproariously, or if his guffaws have tapered off into the occasional snicker accompanied by an amused head-shake.

Head Tea Party Patriot and grifter extraordinaire Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement

It’s been generations since a member of the Senate has abused the power of his office to attack private citizens the way Harry Reid has sought to vilify Charles and David Koch. Reid’s repeated and mean-spirited attacks violate federal laws and Senate rules against using taxpayer-funded resources for partisan politics and he knows it, yet he repeatedly takes to the floor of the Senate and the media to attack those with whom he disagrees.

Yeah, how dare the majority leader of the Senate fight back against a couple of private citizens who have spent the past thirty years funneling billions of dollars into a network of right-wing think tanks and activist groups pushing conservative causes, to the point where half the senators said majority leader has to deal with every day are pretty much just spewing those two citizens’ talking points from their lips directly into the congressional record while pushing legislation that has sprung from that network and is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the masturbatory fantasies that are all that can ignite a fire in the Kochs’ withered old loins.

Reid’s spokesman pronounced himself shocked – shocked! – that the Kochs’ useful grifting idiot Jenny Beth Martin would shill for her supper in such a base and degrading manner. Then he returned to Reid’s office to join in the laughing.

[Roll Call]


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