Gross New York (Alleged) (Just Kidding) Sexual Harrasser Dennis Gabryszak Made a Gross Video, Ick

Gross New York (Alleged) (Just Kidding) Sexual Harrasser Dennis Gabryszak Made a Gross Video, Ick

Just to prove that a gross story about a nasty human being can ALWAYS get grosser and nastier, we have this update to the story of former New York State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, whoresigned last weekend after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. And although he resigned, he also claimed that he hadn't been harassy, no not one bit, just that he and some ladies had enjoyed some "mutual banter and exchanges" that were not workplace-appropriate, but totally not the harassment, no sir.

And so John Bartolome, an attorney for six of the seven of the women accusing Gabryszak of harassment released a video of Gabryszak in a bathroom stall, either masturbating or maybe pretending he's getting the oral sex, or lord only knows what (we do not want to look at it too many times). It was just a little a gift that Gabryszak sent to several of the women. Do we have the video for you? Hahaha, does a bear shit in the woods and send a video of it to the Pope?

And so here is the vile thing, because we love you and want you to be informed, and also, how could we not include it? (Nothing explicit, but may not be safe for work or digestion.)

And just so that those of you who never watch the videos (smart move!) won't feel left out, here is the compelling play-by-play description by the NY Daily News:

The video ... shows the lawmaker from the shoulders up in what appears to be a bathroom stall. He grunts a few times and utters “yeah” before saying “Is this what you wanted?”

Ah, but that is not all! Bartolome also released copies of text messages sent by Gabryszak -- or at least someone using the clever screen name “Gabba Dabba” -- including one saying “might want to lock,” and then “No I meant lick.”

Let's all say it together: He seems nice.

The social media dump -- as it were -- also included a screenshot of a Facebook conversation in which Gabryszak called Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis the hilarious name "Malliocockkiss," which strikes us as maybe not the smartest move for someone whose own name offers a wealth of sack-grabbing puns.

Will there be more embarrassing details? Why, yes, we have a feeling that there will be.

[NYDN via Gawker ]

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