Grumpy George Will, Grinning James Carville, Grunty Fred Barnes

This week, George Will, Howard Dean, Fred Barnes and James Carville were all spotted being various degrees of "famous for D.C." at various places by our spies and operatives. Voyeuristic fun, as always, is after the jump.

See someone we've heard of somewhere in or near the district? Tell us about it in an email, with the subject line "Wonk'd."

* I rang up George Will at the Borders by 18th and L Sunday morning (Feb 3). He was buying some books and CDs, but I didn't notice the titles. I did notice that he looks a bit thinner on TV. Probably came after Stephanopoulos and was not in the mood for pleasantries. Is he ever?

* I saw James Carville, dressed in jeans and an Air Force sweatshirt, talking on the phone while hoofing it uptown on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (63rd and Lexington). A suited aide followed behind, also on the phone, pulling a black rolling suitcase. Carville paused and smiled (I think) while my dog sniffed his shoe. He looked rather casual and unconcerned on this Super Tuesday... does he know something we don't?!!

* Spied Fred Barnes at the Alexandria Safeway (King St. and Braddock Rd.) grumpily struggling to get a case of water into his cart -- followed by a loud coughing/hacking spell as he walked through the register area.

* 2/7, 9:40 AM, while I was riding the 42 bus south on Connecticut Ave., out the window I saw Howard Dean standing at the crosswalk with a group of people at T St. across from the Hinckley Hilton, waiting to cross Connecticut. He had on a suit but no overcoat, and a big white nametag on his left breast.


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