Guess Delay Is In More Trouble Than We Thought

Wishful thinking?


Complete text of invitation after the jump.

Minority Leader Tom DeLay Tribute Dinner

Tentative Schedule


6:15-7:00           Media Set up

At this time, a closed reception will be held in an adjoining room.  Event press staff will be bringing well-known conservatives to the media area for stand-ups, impromptu media avails.


7:00                  Program begins-

                        Head table introduction

                        Pledge of Allegiance

                        National Anthem


7:10-8:00           Dinner served

During this time, video tributes to the Majority Leader will be played on large screens throughout ball room.


During the dinner, event press staff will also work with media to conduct interviews with distinguished guests.


8:00                  Program begins- all speeches to last 2 minutes

·        Bob Livingston

·        Michael Fineburg

·        Phyllis Schlafly

·        Bill McCollum (former congressman from FL)

·        Morton Blackwell

·        Congressman Paul Ryan (WI-1st)

·        Paul Weyrich

·        L. Brent Bozell

·        Marsha Blackburn (TN-7th)


8:30                  8-minute video presentation


8:40                  Minority Leader Tom DeLay

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Is there ANY good news for the bumblefucking Trump re-election campaign these days? Their polling numbers are in the shitter, therefore Trump is firing the pollsters. Trump's Hitler rally kickoff event in Florida last night was ... whatever it was. Oh, and did we mention that they ain't got no money? Like, of course, not counting whatever Russian money they're not telling us about.

Don Jr. recently called a prominent donor and warned that Trump's money haul is falling behind where Barack Obama was early in his reelection, while Jared Kushner has privately complained to RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel that Trump's war chest is not as big as it should be at this point in the cycle.

Whiiiiiiiiiine. Guess they're gonna have to see if they can launder some rubles somewhere, ALLEGEDLY.

Gabe Sherman has some more bad news about Trump's shithole campaign, and it is that Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the father-daughter billionaire duo who bankrolled much of Trump's "victory" in 2016 -- including funding Breitbart, and also the part of the "victory" that comprised Cambridge Analytica, the data company they owned that may have done some real hinky stuff, possibly with Russia, in order to get Trump "elected" -- have zipped up their checkbooks and decided Trump can go eat dicks for all they care.

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