Guess What, Ladies? He's Jewish, Too!

Hell, if Kinky Friedman can win in Texas .... - WonketteNatural-born charmer George Allen is more than a cruel-hearted senator facing the end of his political career thanks to the most arcane racial slur controversy since "Hymietown" -- he's also a Jew!

That's what the obsessed-with-Jews newspaper Forward claims today, at least.

The California-born glamour boy has a "French Tunisian" mother. But Forward says instead of being a run-of-the-mill French imperialist crushing the aspirations of occupied North Africans, Mrs. Henriette (Etty) Lumbroso Allen was also a member of the "august Sephardic Jewish Lumbroso family."

Also, she's descended directly from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene ... which means George Allen is actually the Messiah!

No, wait, that's from that crappy Dan Brown book.

And according to Forward, this could open a whole can of kosher worms:

The controversy could end up resurrecting a dominant theme of the Democratic primaries four years ago, when it turned out that no fewer than four presidential hopefuls had significant Jewish ties: Senator Joseph Lieberman was an Orthodox Jew; Senator John Kerry was descended from Jews and had a brother who converted to Judaism; former general Wesley Clark had a Jewish father; Howard Dean was married to a Jewish woman and raised Jewish children.
Alleged Slur Casts Spotlight On Senator's (Jewish?) Roots [Forward]



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