Guess Who Hates the Troops? Oh, WALNUTS!

So, there's only one thing WALNUTS! McCain is running on, right? And that's WAR FOREVER IN IRAQ OR SOMEWHERE ELSE, right? So why won't he drop by the Senate now and then and Support the Troops?

Press release from some anti-war hippies, after the jump.

For Immediate Release

Date: March 26, 2007

McCain Watch: Will McCain Show Up?

Senator McCain failed to Show Up for All of the Important Iraq Votes This Year

Washington -- This week the United States Senate will vote on whether or not to begin to bring an end to the war in Iraq. The Defense Supplemental Appropriations bill includes accountability measures that would force President Bush to begin redeploying troops out of Iraq instead of sending thousands more into a civil war. The Senate vote, expected as early as Tuesday, comes on the heels of an historic vote in the U.S. House of Representatives mandating that the U.S. begin bringing the war in Iraq to an end.

Senator John McCain chose to put his personal ambition for higher office ahead of his responsibility as a United States Senator, the interests of U.S. troops, and our national security when he chose to skip three critical Iraq votes on President Bush's mismanaged war in Iraq. Instead he was traveling the country campaigning for the presidency.

"After missing three key Iraq votes, all eyes are on Senator McCain this week. With so many lives on the line, what kind of message is Senator McCain sending to the troops and the American public when he cannot even bother to show up?" asked Americans Against Escalation in Iraq spokeswoman Moira Mack. "Here is the real 'straight talk:' No amount of campaigning will make the American people forget about Senator McCain's unpopular stance on the Iraq war."

"Americans Against Escalation in Iraq urges Senator McCain to show up and vote on the most important issue facing the country for which he hopes to become Commander and Chief," added Mack. "The Senate has a clear choice between changing course in Iraq or continuing the President's mismanaged, unending war. It's past time that Congress holds the President accountable in Iraq. After four long years, the deaths of over 3,000 American soldiers, tens of thousands wounded and almost $400 billion spent, the American people have had enough of President Bush's policy of unending war in Iraq. It's time McCain and his Republican colleagues hold this administration accountable for its failed strategy and bring our troops safely home."

"Arizonans and all Americans need a leader who is willing to stand up to a veto threat in order to make the people's voices heard. AAEI urges Senator McCain to begin bringing the war in Iraq to an end and to stand up to a President who is not facing the reality of the situation in Iraq," said Mack.



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