Yesterday we solicited your guesses as to which unidentified officials were mentioned by Glenn Kesler in his recent Kremlinology of the State Department (from this article in the Washington Post).

Our faithful Wonkette operative at the Pentagon sent us this analysis:

Looking at a list of State Dept. bureaus, the likely office involved is John Bolton's former job, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security. The officials were not "senior," but were involved in the reorganization. I'll guess the quote on "insubordination" came from the Chief of Staff to Robert Joseph, the current Under Secretary, since that's something CoS's do. (Unfortunately, State's website doesn't give names and bio's for CoS's to the political appointees.)

And now, the good stuff, wherein our tipster names names:

steven rademaker.jpgThe "relatively junior Foreign Service officer, who is outranked by several officials in the bureau but who is considered skeptical of the IAEA," is likely Stephen G. Rademaker, Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation. He is an Acting Assistant Secretary who heads the office that would deal with IAEA.

Very impressive -- thanks! If you can give us dirt like that, we will shower you with Wonkette comment invites.


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