Guessing Game Results: The State Department Reorg, Part 2

In our latest guessing game, we asked for your input concerning which unidentified officials were referred to in Glenn Kessler's interesting article about recent "chafing" at the State Department.

One tipster suggested that Stephen G. Rademaker was the "relatively junior foreign service officer" who was promoted to acting head of the office dealing with the International Atomic Energy Agency (but who looks upon the IAEA with disdain). But a source within the foreign service now tells us:

Take a closer look at Rademaker's bio -- he's not a Foreign Service Officer. Therefore, he can't be the "relatively junior Foreign Service Officer" described in the article.

We looked back at Rademaker's bio, and it appears that our source within the foreign service is correct. According to Rademaker's bio, he was brought into the Department as Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control (i.e., he was not promoted from within the service). Prior to that, he worked as a lawyer on the Hill. So Rademaker wouldn't be considered a "foreign service officer."

Do you have a more educated guess as to the identity of this official? (Our foreign service source declined to opine further.) If so, please email us.


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