thong.jpgEarlier this week, we asked you for your guesses as to which senior Administration official gave her party guests a glimpse of her thong (which, a reader advises us, is commonly referred to as "a whale tail" -- see photo at right to understand why). You gave us some pretty interesting responses, which we'll now share in these pages.

Before doing so, however, here's a caveat from a reader who views this as much ado about nothing: "No woman wears 'full-bottom' panties anymore. Tell your tipster to get with it."

After the jump, your uneducated guesses and wild speculation as to the identity of the thong-sporting official.

Here are some of the guesses we received:

* "Was it Ken Mehlman?"

Probably not. First, as Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Mehlman doesn't count as an "Administration official." Second, everyone knows Mehlman wears garter belts and stockings.

* "Harriet Miers, her 15 minutes aren't over yet!"

Sorry, dunno what kind of underwear she likes -- you'd have to ask Nathan Hecht.

* "Your reader's story suggests this took place '[s]ome time ago.' Therefore I'm submitting Madeleine Albright. Oh da horra, da horra!"

* "The key phrase is 'Some time ago,' meaning the thong wearer may not be a current administration official. My guess is Christie Whitman. She comes from New Jersey, not far from our fair City of Sinful Delights, Blue State, USA. Where else would a thong-wearer come from?"

* "it's impressive. not only did you promise to keep the identity a secret, you also changed the gender of the pronouns. because, really, we all know it's Chertoff after that earlier AP story line."

* "Karen Hughes"

Hughes was actually the most popular guesss -- but she's a Texan, which makes her an unlikely candidate. In our original post, we floated the name of Secretary Margaret Spellings as a possibility. A reader indignantly responded: "You don't honestly think it is Margaret Spellings, do you? She's from Houston, and we all know that Texans don't wear thongs. They go commando!"

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