Yesterday we gave you two blind items for your consideration. Here's the first (originally from Page Six):

WHICH Democratic party moneybags is getting divorced because he diddled with a candidate's daughter? To cap it off, his wife, the mother of his children then had a go with her personal trainer (a woman)...

In the comments, the dominant response was George Zimmer, the founder and CEO of Men's Wearhouse. By email, this additional response: "Terry McAuliffe with one of the Kerry daughters.... Or better yet, McAuliffe with one of the Bush twins. I would prefer the latter."

And then the second item:

The daughter of a potential 2008 candidate was having a very spirited going-away party at the Tortilla Coast on Thursday night. Apparently she's leaving Washington to work for her dad back at home. Quite a few staffers from various congressional offices were on hand, as well as close friends, roommates, and God only knows how many male admirers. Word is that in her new position she'll be raising money for '08.

We received one, highly detailed response, which included some additional information about the alleged candidate in question. Check it out, after the jump.

So here's the guess we received by email:

Tortilia Coast drunken binge for her going away party? Why, that's Sarah Huckabee!!

[H]er father is deeply worried about fundraising in his home state and is officially holding off anouncing his run for President until 2007 (tentative date is February 1st or so). The reason is, according to Sarah, is that Mike is worried that if he anounces a run for President before he leaves office the Arkansans will turn on him; he has been keeping a watchful eye on the Hutchinson campaign as an indicator on his own chances in the greater scheme.

Why is she going back? Because she told her father she is ready to speak on his behalf in Arkansas and after months of prepping with a team of speechwriters from Little Rock and some folks from NGA to sharpen her public appearence. She'll be turned loose as the official sweet-n-innocent face of the Huckabee down-home campaign.

Sweet-n-innocent? Well, just don't tell the Arkansans about the inebriated blowout at Tortilla Coast.

(Jeez, it seems to be Mike Huckabee Day on this blog...)

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