Gun Show

* Democrats want to make illegal for everyone but the Mexicans to go to college in the United States. [Michelle Malkin]

* There are no problems in the foreseeable future with Sunni deathsquads clearing al Qaeda out of Baghdad. [Iraq Slogger]

* Bodybuilding is the most terrifying thing to hit Afghanistan since all the bombs and stuff. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Rumors of Barry Obama's demise have been greatly exaggerated. [Election Central]

* Bob Novak's done with Bush now that they're not illegally leaking him classified shit to print in his column. [Think Progress]

* Which unelectable, pandering idiot do you prefer? [IMAO]

* Ron Paul may say he keeps kosher but in private, the dude loves his pork. [Redstate]

* Turkey gets ready for it's own sectarian blood-bath in Iraq. [MoJo]


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