Larry Elder Didn't 'Wave' Gun During Fight With Ex, Merely Made Sure It Was Loaded (Allegedly)

What is it with GOP candidates being terrible to women? Allegedly?

With California's recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom coming up on September 14 (make sure you vote, California!), the late-August surprise has become a factor, maybe, as the former fiancee of Republican candidate Larry Elder has alleged that he threatened her by displaying a gun during an argument in 2015. Alexandra Datig, who in addition to dating Elder also worked as the producer of his radio show for a time, said that she ended their engagement after the incident, during which she says he was high on pots.

Politico broke the story yesterday; the Los Angeles Times also reports that Datig had recounted the incident in an interview last week, and that she had emailed her attorney and others about a month after the incident to ask for advice on dealing with Elder.

Datig, Politico says,

portrayed him as a marijuana user who would often become threatening or insistent with her, including in his repeated demands that she get a "Larry's Girl" tattoo to show her devotion to him.

The alleged gun incident occurred in the midst of a heated conversation as their relationship was unraveling, according to Datig. "He was in the bedroom, and I was standing by the door," she said. "We talked to each other.'' He became silent, she said, and then slowly "walked over to the nightstand, opened the door, took out the gun,'' a .45 pistol.

"And he checked if it was loaded — while I was talking,'' she said. "He wanted to make sure I saw that he had it."

"It was an act of silent scorn — and anger,'' she said.

He seems nice.

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Utah Company Drops 'Fun' Gun That Looks Like Lego, If You Narcs Are Gonna Be Like That About It

May this man step barefoot on all the sharp little plastic blocks. On a hardwood floor.

A Utah manufacturer of custom firearms will no longer convert Glock handguns with an adorable kit to make the very real guns look like they're made out of Lego blocks, following a cease and desist letter from the real Danish toy manufacturer. Culper Precision had been selling the conversion, which it called the "BLOCK19" (GET IT?) for about two weeks before getting the nastygram from Lego's lawyers.

I don't usually find myself cheering for the heavy hand of intellectual property law, but you take your heroes where you find them.

Culper Precision sure thought the lethal weapon that looked like a toy was something special, as the Washington Post reports:

"We have been building guns out of blocks for the last 30 years and wanted to flip the script to aggravate Mom," Provo-based Culper Precision explained on its website. [...]

"There is a satisfaction that can ONLY be found in the shooting sports and this is just one small way to break the rhetoric from Anti-Gun folks and draw attention to the fact that the shooting sports are SUPER FUN!" the site proclaimed, exuding a bravado that would prove to be short-lived. "Here's the thing. Guns are fun. Shooting is fun. 30 rounds full auto is fun."

Hey, you know who else thinks guns are fun? Little kids, who have an unfortunate habit of finding them, even when Daddy has hidden them in the top dresser drawer. Children kill or injure themselves or others with firearms on a disturbingly regular basis, and as gun sales spiked and people stayed home during the coronavirus crisis, so did shooting deaths caused by kids.

On the other hand, the cheerful yellow gun that you could attach real Lego blocks to was a lot of fun, and pissed off liberals, so those surely are points in its favor.

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Whew, Ada County Idaho Didn't Hire The Nazi To Be Sheriff

Mind you, the Nazi got the most support in the county GOP.

Ada County, Idaho — the state's most populous county, and home to Boise — has selected a new sheriff, and we're happy to report that it's not the Nazi-sounding loonybag who was among the three finalists for the job. Sheriff Matt Clifford, the new guy, will serve out the remaining term of former Sheriff Steve Bartlett, who was just reelected to a second term in November but suddenly retired at the end of May and nobody knows why. Because Bartlett was a Republican, it was up to the county's Republican Party to pick a slate of three nominees, from which the county's board of supervisors would select one. This may not be the best way to choose top law enforcement officers.

Naturally enough, this being Idaho in the Age of Trump (Or Anyone Else, Let's Get Real), one of the three nominees chosen by the Ada County Republican Central Committee, Doug Traubel, turned out to be kind of a Nazi, complete with conspiracy theories about how Jews invented communism and that the Black Lives Matter movement was also a communist front. Hey, Ada County supervisors, bullet dodged!

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Culture Wars

St. Louis Gunhumpers Cosplay As Selves At Campaign Event

Only this time, not barefoot.

Sunday was the one-year anniversary of that time when St. Louis couple Patricia and Mark McCloskey figured waving guns around was the most reasonable reaction to a group of Black Lives Matter protesters marching past their house on the way to somewhere else. To mark the occasion, which they probably think will be a national holiday some great day in the future, they held a sad slob picnic/campaign rally in a parking lot. It wasn't even the parking lot of a landscaping business that sounded like a hotel, just a closed outlet mall that's being redeveloped as a "mixed-use retail and sports property."

As you'll recall, Mark McCloskey is running for US Senate on a compelling platform of having been on TV waving a gun. If you haven't read the 'hilarious write-up of the event by Daniel Hill of the Riverfront Times, be sure to treat yourself.

McCloskey's campaign is fueled by the hottest commodities on the Right these days: white grievance and an inflated sense of victimhood. But even so, it seems none of the big rightwing figures they'd announced would be at the event actually showed up. The Riverfront Times reports McCloskey couldn't sell many tickets for the event, so it was opened up to whatever parts of the public wanted to hear a bunch of nobodies with internet "radio shows" gripe about all the things Fox News gripes about during the week: "critical race theory," the woke mob, Ashli Babbitt's status as a beloved martyr, and Joe Biden's status as a far left communist socialist far leftist.

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