The Outrageous Truth About Green Gummy Bears Will Destroy Your World. Tabs, Wed., May 25, 2022

They're strawberry flavored. Sorry about the damage to your world.

It's the most American of horrors, again. 19 children and two adults were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Tuesday. The children were in the second, third, and fourth grades. By the end of the evening, some parents still didn't know whether their kids were alive or not.

The shooter was an 18-year-old high school dropout who killed his grandmother before heading to the school. He had purchased the two assault-style semiautomatic rifles used in the shootings earlier this month, on his 18th birthday. The shooter was shot and killed by one of several Border Patrol agents who responded to assist local law enforcement; the Border Patrol agent was wounded by the shooter but able to walk out of the school.

The National Rifle Association is scheduled to hold its annual convention in Houston this week, and isn't it something how that happened right after Columbine too? [AP]

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Chuck Grassley Pretty Sure He Heard Black Guy On TV Repeat Same NRA Talking Points He’s Made Himself

Can we please do something about the guns?

Last Saturday, a racist murdered 10 Black people at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket. He was able to kill so quickly and efficiently because he had a gun. A sane society might address the obvious problem, but the gun lobby’s pet Republicans refuse to do anything except shift the blame.

PREVIOUSLY: Same Clueless A-Holes Blaming Video Games For Racist Gun Violence Again

After every regularly scheduled massacre, Democrats call for sensible gun control laws. This time was no exception. New York Governor Kathy Hochul said Tuesday that the Buffalo shooting shows that "we need a national gun policy that is common sense like we have here in New York. We need this everywhere. And we'll all remember that it started here in Buffalo, New York.” (That last sentence was admittedly weird.)

During his speech in Buffalo yesterday, President Joe Biden said, "We can keep assault weapons off our streets, we’ve done it before.” He’s most likely referring to the the Assault Weapons Ban that Congress passed in September 1994 and President George W. Bush let expire in 2004. This was obviously a while ago and the political landscape was different: conservative Southern Democrats were a major obstacle to passage, and the Clinton administration worked with moderate Republicans from the suburbs. Those “moderates” are all gone now, but we’re still stuck with conservative Democrat Joe Manchin who opposes an assault weapons ban.

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Right Wing Extremism

​Tucker's 'Great Replacement' Either Totally Fine Or Doesn't Exist Or HEY WHAT ABOUT RACHEL MADDOW, LIBS?

The explanations keep coming.

As we've noted, right-wing proponents of the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory have been trying awfully hard to explain that they have no moral culpability for Saturday's racist mass shooting of 13 people in Buffalo, New York. It's a problem for for them, since the shooter's manifesto obsesses at length about "replacement," an international Jewish conspiracy seeking to genocide white people through immigration and through relatively lower white birth rates. (I can remember my mother fretting about the birth rate thing way back in the 1970s, too). The argument goes that complex demographic changes are actually being engineered to end white people's majority status in the population, which of course would be the end of America.

Wingnuts who've pushed the "Great Replacement" lie have tried to distance themselves from the shooter, claiming that something else caused the massacre (furries, or maybe the COVID lockdowns), or more typically, doubling down on the paranoia about immigration while still insisting it's true. But they're going to great lengths to insist they've never advocated violence, they've merely warned of a literal invasion by foreign hordes making war against America, lawlessly destroying our way of life, and turning the country into "a third-world hellhole" (literally part of the title of a book by Ann Coulter).

So yeah, a bit more on that, because while this "Great Replacement" stuff is bullshit, it's bullshit that's driving much of what passes for the Republican Party's agenda. Ever since that Kenyan guy became president, they want "their" country back.

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Same Clueless A-Holes Blaming Video Games For Racist Gun Violence Again

That train’s never late.

Americans are addicted to guns, and like most junkies, they’ll blame anything but guns for the damage caused by their beloved death machines. This explains the sadly predictable response from gun lovers after a white supremacist gunman murdered 10 people in Buffalo. (The shooter is 18, so he was legally able to buy a gun but not a beer.)

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene bemoaned the “severe mental health crisis” in America that presumably led to the shooting. She tweeted, "Instead of investing billions in foreign countries, we should only be investing in our own people and our own problems.” So, she responds to a racist murder spree with more of her racist xenophobia. I’m too old and depressed for this level of irony.

This morning, Greene replied to a tweet where the killer said he chose Buffalo because of its relatively large Black population. She ignored his stated racial animus, and instead focused on his claim that he chose New York because of its gun control laws. She wrote, "When people can’t carry, they are defenseless.” This is dumb and offensive even for Greene. Retired police officer Aaron Salter, who worked security, was armed, but firing at the shooter didn’t work because he was wearing body armor. The shooter then killed Salter. The average person isn’t going to the grocery store dressed for combat. You’re better off using Instacart and rolling the dice on bad produce picks.

Deranged people have absurdly easy access to guns. That’s the problem, but we still get the most ridiculous deflections. Right-wing media quickly dusted off its favorite gun violence scapegoat, video games.

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