New Rep. Lauren Boebert Takes Her Fake Glock To Washington

At least two more years of this fool.

Lauren Boebert was sworn into Congress a few days ago, and she's already distinguishing herself as an attention-seeking wack job. Boebert, a proud member of the House Sedition Caucus, released a video this weekend explaining why she plans to run around Washington DC with a gun. The city is violent, scary, and full of Black people. She needs her Glock to feel safe.

In the video, which you can watch below if you have nothing better to do, Boebert explains that “one of the challenges of working in DC is that people here" — who are, you know, Black — “don't understand how we" — she means white people — “live in real America." It's like she's reporting to work at the US embassy in New Blackula.

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Kyle Rittenhouse's Mom Hoping To Reel In The Murder Groupies With 'Free Kyle' Bikinis

We regret to inform you that this is a thing that exists.

If you are anything like Squeaky Fromme or Carole Ann Boone or Veronica Compton or Sondra London (you are welcome), you may have considered getting a notorious killer's name tattooed tattooed across your chest or on your ass. Or something to that effect. But that's a lot of commitment.

Perhaps, if hybristophilia is your kink, you might consider something less permanent, like a bikini with your favorite super evil real-life villain's name on it. And that's where Kyle Rittenhouse's mom comes in, I guess.

The Rittenhouse family has set up a website where they are selling various items in hopes of raising money for his defense, which they claim could cost millions of dollars. There is a wide variety of ugly looking merchandise you can buy, including phone cases, t-shirts, hats, fleece jackets, laptop sleeves ... and a startling variety of crop tops.

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Right Wing Extremism

The Positively True Adventures Of The Alleged Kentucky QAnon Murdering Mom

It's all incredibly stupid and incredibly sad, really.

A woman obsessed with the QAnon conspiracy theory is being held for allegedly shooting and killing a quack legal theorist associated with the sovereign citizen movement, in a story that seems just about as 2020 as you're going to get. It's two dangerous rightwing fringe communities coming together, leading to death and general horror. Will Sommer's capsule description at the Daily Beast is as clear as something this weird can hope to get:

Neely Petrie-Blanchard, a Kentucky resident, had long ago lost custody of her daughters for reasons that are unclear. And to help in the task of getting them back, she turned to Chris Hallett, an amateur legal expert who offered bogus court services through a company called "E-Clause," and who promised Petrie-Blanchard she could win her daughters back through ludicrous courtroom tactics he borrowed from the anti-government sovereign citizen's movement.

Unfortunately, at some point, Petrie-Blanchard's enthusiastic support for Hallett's pseudolegal "expertise" apparently dimmed, and according to a witness to the shooting at Hallett's home in Ocala, Florida, she may have believed Hallett was actually part of a Deep State plot to keep her from getting her twin seven-year-old daughters back.

"It was speculated that the victim was shot by [Petrie-Blanchard], due to her belief that the victim might have been working against her, or working to assist the government, in keeping her children away from her," the police report reads.

Petrie-Blanchard fled, but was later arrested in Georgia and is being held pending extradition back to Florida. And here's a cheery thought: It looks like she was just one of many folks in what Sommer calls "a clandestine network of QAnon believers and fringe legal theorists focused on child custody battles." Have a bunch of folks already distraught that they've lost custody of their kids? Why not scare them further with QAnon's tales of a worldwide "cabal" of pedophile cannibals, and then promise them they can easily get their kids back by using weirdass bogus legal filings that hucksters insist will unlock the "true" power of the real US Constitution?

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Right Wing Extremism

Georgia Democratic Rally Moved To Zoom, Where Trump-Supporting Militia Can't Hurt Anyone

Oh, to never hear the phrase 'Out of an abundance of concern' again

Democrats in Floyd County, Georgia, canceled a planned rally for Joe Biden on Sunday due to reports that a large Trump-supporting militia was also going to be in the area because of Trump's planned visit to the area. They decided it was probably best to stay home and not risk anyone getting murdered by someone in a Trump-supporting militia. This is probably for the best, because pretty much the whole reason militias exist is to hurt people. It's not like they get together and make lovely quilts.

Party Chair Ruth Demeter issued a statement on their official website:

Out of an abundance of concern for the health and safety of our citizens, we are cancelling today's rally, at the recommendation of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

We have been informed that a large militia presence is expected in Rome today due to Trump's visit. Additionally, we are not able to secure police presence for our event because of the airport rally.

Stay safe and continue practicing COVID-19 prevention protocols. Exercise your democratic rights. If you have an absentee ballot, be sure to deliver it personally to a dropbox in your county before the end of election day.

On behalf of the Floyd County Democratic Party, I promise you we will continue to work for democracy- we just won't be standing outside city hall this afternoon to do it.

The Floyd County Democratic Party ended up moving its rally to Zoom, where attendees talked about the dangers of another four years of Trump as well as the recent Stanford study linking Trump rallies to over 700 COVID-19 deaths.

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