Sad QAnon Schmuck Missed January 6 Capitol Attack, Managed To Do Federal Crimes Anyhow

He wanted to collect 'a ton of Traitors heads' for Trump.

A North Carolina man has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for threatening the lives of Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. (yes really) had driven From Colorado to Washington DC with a load of two guns and 2,500 rounds of ammunition, hoping to get in on the civil war he hoped the January 6 rally would spark. But he arrived too late for the revolution and missed out on the fun. Sucks to be a QAnon patriot rebel with a poor ability to plan things.

Instead, Meredith aimlessly drove around DC the day after the insurrection and texted members of his family about his desire to murder the Great Man's enemies, WUSA-TV reports:

In one exchange, when a family member told him Trump wanted him to go home, Meredith responded, "Bull****. He wants HEADS and I'm going to deliver."

In other messages sent the following day – while Pelosi and Bowser were making public remarks about the riot – Meredith texted, “I may wander over to the Mayor’s office and put a 5.56 in her skull, FKG c***.” Meredith then sent a similar text about Pelosi, saying he was, “Thinking about heading over to Pelosi C****’s speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV.”

Isn't patriotism a beautiful thing? We mean Meredith's family's patriotism, of course: They called the FBI to report his bizarre behavior, and he was arrested January 7 in a hotel room in DC.

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Gavin Newsom To Use 'Logic' Behind Texas Abortion Ban To Ban Assault Weapons


California Governor Gavin Newsom has a great idea. In light of the Supreme Court deciding to let Texas basically ban abortion by allowing people to sue anyone who performs an abortion, drives someone to an abortion or helps to pay for an abortion, etc., he has announced plans to craft a new law doing pretty much the same thing with gun control.

In light of this apparent new rule that states can override Supreme Court decisions through the use of civil lawsuits filed by citizens, Gov. Newsom has decided to use the opportunity to do something that might actually save the lives of some human beings who are currently able to survive outside the womb, tweeting "If TX can ban abortion and endanger lives, CA can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives."

Fair is fair.

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Cops Pretty Sure Their Morale’s Too Low To Solve Homicides

Thanks, Black Lives Matter!

The United States homicide rate is increasing. More than 500 people were murdered in Philadelphia this year. Cook County, Illinois, reported a 50 percent increase in murders since 2019. Baltimore also had an increase in homicides that Police Commissioner Michael Harrison blames on gun violence. He’s not scapegoating. Guns are the murder weapon of choice.

"Whether it's young people, whether it's older people, people solving their conflict with violence, namely gun violence," Harrison told CBS News.

Harrison is also concerned about the rise of so-called “ghost guns.” These are firearms that lack commercial serial numbers and people can assemble the untraceable weapon in their home “within an hour.” Baltimore cops have seized more than 300 ghost guns this year.

The same week as the Michigan school shooting, a 17-year-old Brooklyn high school student was busted with a loaded 9 mm pistol and more than $30,000 in cash, which we presume he wasn’t going to spend on the vending machines. The school put up a single metal detector the next day and found 21 weapons, including knives and stun guns.

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Oxford Shooter's Parents Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter, As They Should Be

Even if they don't get a conviction.

Jennifer and James Crumbley, parents of Oxford school shooter Ethan Crumbley, have each been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, prosecutor Karen McDonald announced in a press conference on Friday morning.

In addition to buying their child a gun, taking him to a shooting range and keeping that gun unlocked, it appears the Crumbleys aggressively ignored all possible warning signs that their son might do something like this — warnings they had received up to and including that very day. When a concerned teacher called them about how their son was searching for ammunition in class, Jennifer Crumbley responded by telling Ethan to be better about not getting caught and assured him he wasn't in trouble. When — that morning — the school called them in to discuss their son's horrific and violent drawings, they insisted he not be sent home from school. Hours later, he killed four kids and traumatized God knows how many others.

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