BREAKING: Wayne LaPierre May Have Made One Or Twelve Little Ooopsies On His Taxes

And it's a criminal, not civil, investigation.

Karma's a bitch, and so is Wayne LaPierre.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the NRA frontman is under investigation by the IRS for criminal tax fraud after failing to report all those bazillions of dollars of benefits on his tax returns. You love to see it!

In August, when New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil suit against the NRA for misappropriating $64 million in charitable dollars, she noted that the organization's failure to disclose millions of dollars worth of clothing, airfare, and housing provided to LaPierre on his W-2 "permitted him to file false personal tax returns with the IRS."

Just to be real clear about that one, if your employer provides you with certain "perks" unrelated to your job, like, say, a gym membership, you have to declare the value of those little extras as income and pay tax on them. But Wayne LaPierre got a whole lot more than a Planet Fitness key fob out of his employer.

There were the private jets to the Bahamas for LaPierre and his family, which he justified as a "benefit" to the charity because both his wife and his niece were on the NRA payroll, so "any time I get the two of them together anywhere, there is a benefit for the NRA."


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White House

DHS Officials Advised To Be Nice When Talking About Kenosha Shooter, Who Had A Rough Day

Kids make mistakes, you know?

Young people have a hard time making sense of this crazy old world, so it's only reasonable that the Department of Homeland Security would distribute talking points to officials that emphasized the sympathetic side of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with murdering two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. NBC News says it obtained briefing documents that instructed officials speaking to the media to put an understanding spin on the young man who traveled from his home in Illinois with a semiautomatic rifle across state lines to Kenosha to play vigilante.

Or as the talking points put it, Rittenhouse "took his rifle to the scene of the rioting to help defend small business owners." What a public-spirited fellow! NBC News is careful to note that it's "unclear whether any of the talking points originated at the White House or within Homeland Security's own press office."

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Right Wing Extremism

FBI Warns Boogaloo Extremists Also Standing By For Some Civil War, So There's That

Official response: What about antifa, huh?

On Tuesday, the same day Donald Trump advised the Proud Boys they should "stand back and stand by" before they continue to bust heads of "antifa and the Left," the FBI field office in Dallas issued a report warning of the potential for extremist violence from a different far-Right group. The Nation obtained a copy of the report, which isn't classified, but is marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE. It warns that adherents of the "boogaloo" movement, which seeks to spark or at least really enjoy a second civil war, are likely to increase their activities between now and the inauguration in January, with the potential for violence or at the very least a lot of really dank memes you normies won't get.

Yes, that would be on the same day that Trump insisted, "Almost everything I see is from the left wing, not the right wing." Because of course that's all he'd notice. Rightwing violence is Trump's thing, and he thinks violence is a really good thing, though he may prefer it be inflicted by agents of the state against reporters and protesters, who are no different from "rioters."

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Brad Parscale Avoids Permanent Solution To Temporary Problem, Whew That Could Have Been TERRIBLE

Everybody breathe, get help if you need it.

Brad Parscale, Trump's former campaign manager, has been hospitalized after barricading himself in his home in Fort Lauderdale with multiple firearms and threatening to kill or otherwise harm himself on Sunday afternoon. His wife, who was not in the house with him, reported the incident to police who were able to talk him down and take him to Broward Health Medical Center for an evaluation.

Via New York Times:

The episode took place just before 4 p.m., the authorities said, outside a home that records show Mr. Parscale bought in 2019.

"When officers arrived on scene, they made contact with the reportee (wife of armed subject) who advised her husband was armed, had access to multiple firearms inside the residence and was threatening to harm himself," the Fort Lauderdale Police Department said in a statement. "Officers determined the only occupant inside the home was the adult male. Officers made contact with the male, developed a rapport, and safely negotiated for him to exit the home."

The reasons for Parscale's suicide attempt are not clear, although things have not really been going great for him lately.

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