NRA Hack Dana Loesch Cycles Through 5 Stages of Grift

She seems horrible.

Dana Loesch won't stop being horrible. After yet another school shooting, the NRA cheerleader has scrambled to pin the blame on anything that's not a gun or gun shaped. She's currently going through the five stages of grift.



We think they're tired of being shot, Dana. Also you exploit people's fears for a living.


"How did two kids gain access to guns when guns are fucking everywhere, thanks to people like me?" Lady, minors live with adults. That's how it works. Your moronic organization has even opposed bills requiring parents to lock up their guns in a safe so children can't get to them.

You wonder how kids smuggled handguns into a school. They probably hid them because handguns are easily concealed. (Colorado is a concealed carry state.) And also, they are guns. A heroic child tried to stop the shooters and was murdered for his trouble.

Oh, and therapy is not a "warning sign" of potential homicidal impulses, you heartless hack. You just slandered countless kids.

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Guns Just Killed More Children. How Quickly Will We Do Nothing?

America is an embarrassment.

There was another school shooting Tuesday. There's always another school shooting. This one was in Denver, not far from Columbine High School, where 11 people were murdered 20 years ago. We've learned almost nothing since then.

About 1,850 students attend the STEM School Highlands Ranch, which covers K through 12. One of those students lost his life yesterday and eight were injured. The shooters are believed to be students, one an adult male and the other a minor. They entered the school and commenced their rampage just before 2 p.m.

"Over the next few minutes, quite a few shots were fired," Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth said."

"As officers were arriving at the school they could still hear gunshots," Nicholson-Kluth said.

Three students tried to tackle a gunman, but one was shot in the chest. His friends attempted to "stanch the bleeding by putting pressure on his chest" -- like they were in a war zone.

Now the grieving begins. Then comes the doing of nothing. Doing nothing about gun violence is the great American pastime. Doing nothing has the noble benefit of not "politicizing a tragedy." Decent people don't talk about today's school shooting. Why should they? They have last week's and last month's. Professional horrible person Dana Loesch's well-paid job is to attack anyone who dares suggest guns are responsible for gun deaths.

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Who Will Save The Poor Guns From Tyrant Cory Booker???

America will never be Australia. But we could sure as hell be Massachusetts.

After last year's massacre in Parkland, Florida, and the kids who inspired us to believe the NRA might actually be on the ropes (it helps a lot that they're so busy self destructing!), we're happy to see Cory Booker come out with a truly bold gun reform proposal. Where most Democrats have been talking up universal background checks -- which are still a good idea! -- Booker's proposal goes much farther than any of the more incremental approaches currently out there, including Kamala Harris's, which we liked just fine. Harris called for expanded background checks, an end to liability immunity for gun manufacturers and dealers, and closing a number of significant loophooles in who can pass a background check. But Booker's 14-point plan says, "Hold my beer. I'm gonna try something BIG." How about requiring a license, nationwide, for gun ownership, plus registration of all firearms? Get ready for the usual idiots to scream, but the research on gun safety laws suggests those ideas would work. And they would probably also hold up to legal challenges -- they have so far, on the state level.

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New NRA President Carolyn Meadows Has THOUGHTS On Race, And She's Ready To Share!

That train is never late.

You may have your "data," but Carolyn Meadows has GUNS. The brand new NRA president has lived 80 years on God's green earth, and she knows a thing or two. So you can come to her with your fancy studies and surveys and whathaveyous, and she'll just use 'em for target practice. Did scientists and statisticians ever keep America safe? Carolyn Meadows thinks NOT.

For instance, pollsters may tell you that 67 percent of Americans favor stricter gun laws and that the NRA is only viewed favorably by 37 percent of us. But Carolyn Meadows tells the Marietta Daily Journal that's just because of Democrat lies:

"Basically, it's through ignorance that a lot of people, and not stupidity at all, but they don't know what we're about," she said of those against the NRA. "If you could get to every person out there, eyeball to eyeball, we'd have 50 million NRA members. A lot of Democrats believe like we do, but they've been misguided with the poor leadership at the helm of their party."

Sure you can cite studies showing that people with guns in their homes are almost twice as likely to be murdered as people without. And you might point to those depraved socialist wastelands in Northern Europe as proof of the proposition that people are safer when they don't all walk around with murder sticks strapped to their hips. But Carolyn Meadows is darn sure that an 80-year-old lady packing heat makes her church a safe place to worship white Jesus on a Sunday:

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Post-Racial America

Meghan McCain Wants To Jewsplain To (((Us?))) REALLY?

Go crap in the ocean.

GTFOH with that both sides BS! Like we Jews don't know who's shooting at us. Shouting "Ilhan Omar!" over and over won't hide the fact the the GOP brought these Nazis to the party. Republicans have been bedding down for decades with anti-Semites like Pastor John Hagee, who preach the Holocaust was part of the divine plan to get Jews out of Europe and into Israel to bring about Judgment Day. And now they're bringing the "very fine" tiki Nazis into the fold. Meanwhile, hate crimes against Jews jumped 37% between 2017 and 2019, and Saturday was the second synagogue shooting in six months. So Meghan McCain can spare (((us))) the crocodile tears about the anti-Semitic left endangering the poor Hebrews.

I do think when we're having conversations about anti-Semitism, we should be looking at the most extreme on both sides. And I would bring up Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and some of her comments that got so much attention, and in my opinion Nancy Pelosi wasn't hard enough in her response to her trafficking in anti-Semitic language, talking about 'all about the Benjamins,' and how Jewish people had hypnotized the world.

So, I think when you are talking about rhetoric, and you want to talk about President Trump -- and by the way I agree that he needs to have his feet held to the fire as well, but we're talking about it on both sides of the aisle as well.

WTF does Ilhan Omar have to do with some 8chan lunatic with an AR-15 whose manifesto refers to a medieval blood libel and who took credit for burning down a mosque? Nothing! And it's disgusting to use the body of Lori Kaye (may her name be for blessing), who was murdered trying to protect her rabbi, to bludgeon a Muslim congresswoman and the Democratic Party generally.

I have been critical of Omar's comments on Israel, but I sure as hell know who my friends are. See this picture of the Republican Jewish Coalition's Twitter page?

Notice anything funny, besides the fact that Liz Cheney got eaten by that eagle? Oh, right! The only two Republican Jews in Congress are Lee Zeldin and David Kustoff. Because despite furiously humping Benjamin Netanyahu's leg, Donald Trump is very, very Bad for the Jews. That's why upwards of 75 percent of us voted Democratic in 2018. Because unlike Megs -- "I don't technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn't mean that I don't take this seriously" -- those of us with actual skin in the anti-Semitism game know who is playing footsie with Nazis and who is not. Hint, it's not the party that sent 35 Jews to the House and Senate. But please, Mr. Trump, tell me more about how Chuck Schumer is anti-Israel, and Steven King is just a proud American.

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Wayne LaPierre Eats Oliver North's Liver At NRA


The NRA leadership is going to war with itself, and we mean WAR! Oliver North and Wayne LaPierre are locked in a cage match for control of the Murder Machine Lobby, and--dare we say it--it looks like they might both lose! Dream big, kids.

Last night, the Wall Street Journal published a letter from NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre to the NRA board accusing North, the organization's president, of attempting to extort him into resigning his position. See, North has a seven-figure contract with the NRA's longtime advertising company Ackerman McQueen (AMc -- or, in LaPierre's letter, "AM"), which pays North to shout loony shit on NRATV. And now Oliver North and another board member are trying to get rid of LaPierre at the behest of their bosses/buddies at AMc. Show us your letter, Wayne LaPierre!

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President Kamala Just Grabbed Your Guns, How Will You Compensate For Your :( Dick NOW???

Tyranny, man.

Kamala Harris rolled out a plan yesterday on what she wants Congress to do about guns within her first 100 days as president -- and if Congress won't do it, she'll take executive action. Get ready for the usual gunhumpers to moan that her plan would simultaneously destroy liberty and do absolutely nothing.

From Congress, Harris wants to see, finally, a universal background check law. That's certainly doable; the House passed such a bill earlier this year, although of course it's currently DOA in the Senate. We could change that in 2020 maybe! In addition, Harris wants Congress to bring back the assault weapons ban and repeal that stupid 2005 gift to the NRA, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which prohibits liability lawsuits against gun manufacturers and gun dealers. And if Congress still has enough Republicans who keep voting with the NRA to block those and other measures, Harris will take executive action, by which we mean, of course, "do tyranny," like the time Barack Obama did tyranny with a cell phone fee of four dollars a year.

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Deep State Gets Nice Militia Felon Man Exercising His Right To Wave Gun At Refugee Children


The FBI has arrested the leader of an armed militia that recorded itself last week "detaining" (kidnapping) a large group of people who had crossed the border into New Mexico -- for patriotism. Larry Mitchell Hopkins, head of the "United Constitutional Patriots" (UCP) gunhumping and pretend border-cop group, was picked up Saturday for being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. As of yet, no charges for Hopkins or his group for holding the immigrants, many of them children, against their will while the group called the Border Patrol. As of this morning Donald Trump has not yet issued a pardon to Hopkins or appointed him to a Cabinet position.

Hopkins, who is 69 but not nice, pleaded guilty in 2006 to impersonating a police officer and illegal firearms possession, but he probably had a very patriotic reason for it -- he claimed to be a bounty hunter, after all. Hopkins goes by the name "Johnny Horton Jr." in tribute to the country musician who died in 1960, and says he's a close personal friend of Donald Trump. In fact, Hopkins says Trump is a regular listener of his conspiracy-filled webcasts, and that Trump has personally asked him for intelligence on scary Muslims sneaking into the US -- not from Mexico, but from Canada, since the northern border is where "all of the Muslims are coming in."

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ONE GOOD NICE TIME In This Gun Roundup! The Rest Of It, Well, It's A Gun Roundup.

What's our well-regulated militia up to this week?

April 20 will be the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School. Mother Jones yesterday published a report on mass shooters (or would-be shooters) who in one way or another mentioned the Columbine murders as something they wanted to emulate, or as a benchmark they hoped to outdo. Since 1999, there have been more than 100 plots or actual attacks influenced by Columbine. MoJo national affairs editor Mark Follman notes,

And those are just the cases for which there is some kind of public record: In talking with law enforcement and mental health sources who work to prevent such attacks, I've learned of dozens more Columbine-influenced threats that never made the news.
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Nazi Coast Guard Guy May Have Arsenal, 'Hit List,' But Is He Really A *Terrorist*?

What part of 'he's white' did you not understand?

Weird development this week in the case of Christopher Hasson, that Coast Guard dude who was arrested in February and described as planning a huge act of violence. Despite some very scary stuff in a court document asking he be held without bond, the government hasn't actually charged Hasson with anything like terrorism, and now his federal public defender is asking the judge to release him until trial, saying the government hasn't shown he's dangerous and that prosecutors don't plan to charge him with terrorism. That seems quite odd!

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Forget The Dragons! The Real Drama This Week Is Inside The NRA.

There's infighting and backstabbing, and maybe Ollie North grifting like a big-ass grifter.

The Wall Street Journal brings us an epic tale of an ancient and secretive dynasty struggling for its survival in a changing world, and the palace intrigue that's erupted into a contentious struggle for power. We only wish there were some ice zombies to up the stakes, though everybody's pretty white to start with, regardless of where they're walking. It seems the National Rifle Association is suing its longtime ad agency, Ackerman McQueen Inc., and accusing it of not providing details to justify all the money the company has billed the nonprofit, which has been running a deficit for two years now. Even the NRA board of directors is split, with "a small group of pro-Ackerman McQueen directors against other board members and an outside NRA attorney." Such riveting drama!

Gosh, we sure hope there aren't any bloody sword fights. That would be terribly anachronistic.

The NRA has been losing money since its great big spending spree in the 2016 election, and some board members are wondering what exactly Ackerman McQueen is doing with all the money it gets -- $42.6 million in 2017 according to tax filings. The agency is the NRA's single biggest contractor, and "has been widely credited with helping to transform the NRA from a grass-roots operation to a powerful national advocacy group." What's more, Ackerman McQueen actually produces the online streaming outlet NRATV, the source of constant publicity for the parent organization -- we were going to say "embarrassment" too, but nah, the NRA wouldn't know what that is.

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Oh Sh*t Son, Pennsylvania Just Took Your Gun Away (If You Are A Domestic Abuser)

NRA = weak sad poop.

A new law restricting firearms ownership by domestic abusers takes effect in Pennsylvania today, and it's a real improvement over the measure it replaces. Gov. Tom Wolf, who signed the law last October, called it the state's "first law in 14 years to address gun violence." He added that he hoped it would be just the first of several needed reforms, including universal background checks.

Now, firearm ownership by people convicted of domestic violence is already illegal under federal law, but the new law, Act 79, provides extra safety measures by requiring that defendants subject to a final protection from abuse order (PFA) give up their guns and ammunition. In addition, those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence have to turn their guns over to law enforcement within 24 hours of the conviction. The previous state law allowed them 60 days to give up their guns. (What could have gone wrong with that?) Also, victims can request an automatic extension of the protection order if it goes into effect while the abuser is in jail, meaning victims will have at least 90 days of protection if the person is back out on the street.

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Gun-Toting West Virginia Lady So Sad 'Social Media' Made Her Racist

Innocent man endures week of hell.

Santana Renee Adams was criminally charged Friday with crafting racist fan fiction about a menacingly brown stranger who tried to abduct her child from a mall in Barboursville, West Virginia. This was a great personal inconvenience to Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan, whom police arrested at the mall food court. He was later booked on felony attempted abduction charges.

Adams was briefly an Internet folk hero. She told authorities that she'd chased away the attempted kiddie napper with her concealed weapon. Hundreds of people who are also scared of men named "Mohamed" praised Adams on the police's Facebook page for her "vigilance" and "quick thinking." NRA hack Dana Loesch pounced on the Adams story, claiming on Twitter it was why "mamas like [her]" support the Second Amendment. She's yet to take down or correct her tweet, which contains footage of a handcuffed and humiliated Zayan.

The bullshit artist's story quickly fell apart once police actually investigated it. They couldn't find any witnesses who saw a man of "Middle Eastern descent" try to drag Adams's daughter out of the mall by her hair; really, someone would have noticed because "Middle Eastern descent."

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Gun Nuts Trying To Intimidate Women Into Shutting Up During VAWA Debate Not The GREATEST Look?

And yet Debbie Dingell persisted.

Yesterday, the revised Violence Against Women Act passed in the House 263-158. I'm happy about that, you're probably happy about that -- but the NRA is not happy about that, which means a lot of Republicans out there are pretty darn bummed. Why? Because the new version would keep guns out of the hands of those convicted of domestic violence and stalking misdemeanors, and apparently they think that it is actually a very good idea for those people to have guns.

During the hearing, Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell got up to advocate for the bill, and said a few very sense-making things like ...

"All this does — we are not taking away due process. All we are saying is if someone has been convicted (of abusing) an intimate partner, then they would not have access to a gun. If someone has been convicted of stalking..."

But many Republican men in the audience were not having it, and just started screaming and grunting at her as she tried to talk. Of course, it is possible that what they were screaming was an unassailable explanation for why we should all want domestic abusers and stalkers to have guns, but alas, no one ever heard it.

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Alex Jones Goes To A Beto Rally, Is Alex Jones

He seems to be handling his 'psychosis' well.

On Friday afternoon, Huffington Post released Alex Jones's taped deposition in the lawsuit filed against him by several Sandy Hook parents, in which he claimed that his belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax was rooted in a "psychosis" brought on by being lied to by the government and the media.

Now, most people, after suffering such a humiliating blow, would lay low for a while. They wouldn't show their face around town until things had died down. Others, after openly admitting "psychosis," might choose to spend some time with a therapist, addressing their issues. Not Alex Jones! No, he chose instead to spend Saturday night at a Beto O'Rourke rally standing around with a bunch of Open Carry assholes walking around with guns and Trump signs.

Robert Francis O'Rourke Austin, TX

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