Gut Feelings

* It's only going to take a million months but maybe by sometime next year there might be some people coming home from Iraq or something. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* On account of being a hypocrite selective about who he asks to resign for what reason, Mitch McConnell won't make Larry Craig quit if he gets cleared of having teh gay. [Election Central]

* Rudy is the most respected candidate on a list where everyone has like almost the exact same score. [Political Wire]

* Bush believed there were weapons and stuff in Iraq all the way until April '06 because the guy is sort of dumb. [Think Progress]

* Democrats hate your children and they want your children to be stupid, as demonstrated by some statistics. [Redstate]

* Fred Thompson likes to woo operatives away from other jobs and then fire them, which, so far, is the thing we like most about him. [Radar Online]


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