Gutfeld's Letters to America

It's probably callous to accuse anyone whose just survived a terrorist attack of having too much time on his hands, but HuffPo breakout star and expat lad mag editor Greg Gutfeld will apparently answer email from just about anyone and doesn't appear to have slept much. First he's corresponding with our shallow step-sister, cataloging both his drinking efforts and an Indian take-out menu while assuring us that "With the exception of the bombs and the carnage, everything is fine here."

Now it's day two and Gutfeld's non-stop coverage continues at, er, the National Review: "We are currently blaring the theme to 'Dallas' throughout our offices. These guys in the UK are great." Yeah, we like them even when they're not pretending to be us.

Live from London: Greg Gutfeld Reports [Gawker]

7/8 SOUNDTRACK [The Corner]


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