GW Students Crushed by Crappy Commencement Speaker

Douchebag - WonketteGeorge Washington University is famous for its high-profile celebrity commencement speakers: Desmond Tutu, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Herman Wouk, William Rehnquist, Bill Cosby, Bob Dole and Sandra Day O'Conner are some of the big names that have entertained GW graduates.

So this year's graduates are not exactly thrilled over GW university president Joel Trachtenberg's Cheney-esque decision that he, Joel Trachtenberg, would deliver the 2007 commencement speech.

The egomaniacal Trachtenberg further outraged the kids by describing their graduation ceremony as a "funeral." Trachtenberg's rumored plans to deliver the speech in Romanian, dressed as Dracula, could not be verified at press time.

Trachtenberg slated to headline Commencement [GW Hatchet]


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