H.A. Goodman, We Are Sorry For Your Loss

Please enjoy this video of H.A. Goodman being extremely, painfully wrong, again and again, about the inevitable indictments to be handed down against Hillary Clinton and all of her staff for being the biggest email criminals ever, or at least second after whoever littered America with all those AOL disks during most of the 1990s. Nearly everything about this video is stunningly, impressively incorrect in its predictions, starting with the confident title, "CHECKMATE: Hillary Clinton Needs President Obama's Pardon After FBI Indictment. Bernie Wins." We honestly didn't think anyone could ever rocket past Bill Kristol to the title of "most inaccurate predictions in a single text," but H.A. Goodman may have just managed it.

Posted to YouTube just two days before FBI Director James Comey said the Bureau would not recommend to the Justice Department that Clinton be prosecuted, Goodman's video explains why it was an absolute certainty Comey would call for Clinton's indictment, because all the reasons. We like the bit where Goodman corrects himself, right near the beginning, from using a verb that wasn't damning enough: "She spoke for -- was interrogated for three and a half hours at the FBI building yesterday." Goodman also keeps getting ahead of himself, explaining all the reasons "for the indictments" -- which haven't, and now won't be happening. He confidently explains that Clinton and her staff are also going to be indicted for the many, many crimes of the Clinton Foundation, too. Boy, howdy, is Goodman ever confident:

The indictments are imminent. They're imminent because if the FBI doesn't recommend indictments, the entire planet will say that, you know what? The rule of law in the United States of America pertaining to the most powerful politicians is -- is one standard for Hillary Clinton and another standard for everybody else. The FBI is not going to be remembered -- for generations! -- as the law enforcement agency that caved to an overtly corrupt politician named Clinton ... Rest assured, the honorable James Comey and the FBI will recommend indictment for Hillary Clinton.

Goodman follows this up with some speculation about how Barack Obama might just go ahead and pardon Clinton before the Justice Department can prosecute her, because the fix is in, and "Hillary Clinton knows that she's going down, the FBI is going to take her down. She knows this." But once she's indicted, which she will be, she'll stay in the race, and then at the Democratic Convention, Bernie Sanders will "make a strong passionate case" for the nomination which he earned by getting fewer votes (IN A RIGGED SYSTEM!!!), and then Bernie will get the nomination. Everyone knows this except brainwashed Clinton supporters, duh. And then after she hands the nomination to Bernie, Barack Obama may or may not step in and pardon her. He might not, really, since he actually hates Clinton for all her racism in 2008.

So, now that none of that has happened, H.A. Goodman is claiming victory, because of course he was vindicated by everything James Comey said, except for the part about the indictments, which is now merely a distraction from the main point, which is that Hillary is guilty, guilty, guilty, and the FBI said so, just not in a way that involved any recommendation to prosecute:

So apart from her ever being prosecuted, Clinton may as well show up at Leavenworth to begin serving her sentence right now, and Bernie is President! Then Goodman posted a new video to explain exactly how right he is, and he is not at all put off by brainwashed Hillarybots saying he was "wrong" about the indictments:

Simply because Hillary used her brainwashing and corruption to not go to jail doesn't mean that she's not going to jail. And Bernie Sanders will never concede. Even the "state-run Washington Post" agrees with Goodman, and the fight is just beginning. Probably in America's comments sections. Also, has anyone checked to see if Walker Bragman is OK?

[YouTube / H.A. Goodman on Twitter / YouTube again]

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