Ha Ha! Michelle Bachmann's Leg Hurts!

Because a significant portion of our readership demands it, here's some funny video of Michelle Bachmann walking with a cane. In the video, Bachmann flashes her crazy eyes only briefly, and confines her sexual assaulting to some light frottage with a couple that seems pretty into it. But she walks with a CANE! HILARIOUS!

Late in the video, some Bachmann functionary steps out from whatever campaign headquarters they're flitting around to take a picture of the people taking these pictures. It's all so meta, worth noting only because every campaign now employs some d-bag whose job it is to photograph opposition agents...as if to say: "Ha! We, too, know how to work a camera!" Bachmann probably cracks those cameras open, hoping to exfoliate with the pumice-like souls of her enemies, only to end up needing more digital cameras. But, hell, that's why she keeps a pack of thieving orphans around, right?


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